Starting school is a milestone for any child so this family decided to mark it by swapping a box-room nursery with their much larger spare room to create a new bedroom for their 5 year old. The client wanted the space to be gender neutral with a layout to maximise the floor space. We incorporated some of the treasures collected over 5 years of childhood but with the option for the room to evolve as the child’s interests change. Birch ply design details became an anchor for the room to complement the limed quality of the wooden panelled wall, which is original to the house. This included customising an Ikea storage unit with a bespoke worktop.

We designed and custom-made a bed for the space which, although shorter than a normal single bed, will last until the child is around 10 years old. Its simple design means it can be used as a sofa/daybed beyond that. An old art deco cabinet, beloved by the family, was given a new lease of life as clothing storage, and adds character to the minimal design. A metal grid, more often utilised as a shop fitting, has been used to display the ever-changing artistic creations of a 5 year old. Never again will paintwork be destroyed by Blu-Tak and Sellotape!

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