About Someday Studio

Do you have Pinterest angst or Instagram envy?
Are you motivated to get the job done but find yourself paralysed by the amount of choice?
Do you look at interiors’ magazines and think, “yeah, well that’s all very nice but how do they actually LIVE there”?
Do you apologise for the state of your house, frequently starting sentences with “it’s next on our list to do” and ending them with ‘…someday, whenever that might be”?

Let us be your Someday.

We’re here for what some might call the fluff. But fluff is really important. Fluff is what makes a house a home. Well, you would know; you’ve been living in a house you’re not happy with for years! We’ll help you hone in on the things you love, choosing a style that is entirely your own and has the kind of longevity that’ll make your home a place that makes you feel happy and uplifted for a very long time.

We deal with everything that comes after knocking down walls, rewiring and plastering. We can help with choosing materials to allow your house to flow, coming up with colour palettes to suit its aspect, realising the best layouts and repurposing rooms to evolve with the changing demands of your home. We can also find those items that really set off your space and will have your friends cooing, “WHERE did you get THAT from?”

Let’s pour over colour cards. Let’s lay out tiles. Let’s spend a morning choosing and arranging plants. Look at it like a painting, and these are the layers that are going to make your masterpiece.

So whether your dream home is still just that, or you’ve progressed a bit further (but your kitchen splashback is still non-existent as you just can’t decide on the tiles), we’re your Someday.

About Nicky Guymer

From about the age of 8, Nicky would spend pretty much every weekend rearranging the layout of her childhood bedroom, adding flowers picked from the garden (sorry, mum) to prized vases (again, sorry, mum) and creating little vignettes of nostalgic memorabilia on her window sill.

Not much has changed in 30+ years, save for a 15 year hiatus where Nicky studied fashion design at University of Westminster and worked for 11 years in product development and buying for some of the biggest names on the British high street. But it was only so long before Elle Decoration ousted Vogue for its rightful place in Nicky’s heart and the interiors bug was reignited and voracious.

Some big events lead Nicky to reassess what she wanted out of life, and that was definitely a career in interiors. So courses at Central St Martins were signed up for, internships undertaken and work experience embarked upon. All at the ripe old age of 34. Since then, she has worked for some of the top interiors magazines, as well as the best interiors photographers, and her own home has featured in magazines from the UK to Australia and online at the eponymous Design*Sponge (a shot from the house has been repinned 17,000 times!). She has written and styled for the UK home retailer Habitat and various publications, her most recent project featuring in Home Beautiful, Australia.

The thrill of the hunt is what drives Nicky and she is never happier than when she is arms deep, searching out treasures for a project. She appreciates that it’s hard to have courage in your convictions when there is so much content out there. How do you know what you really love? And she understands that this can lead to indecision and a lack of confidence. This is why she launched Someday Studio.

“You know when something’s not going well at work, or your kid’s playing up or you just don’t know what to wear to a party, so you get the advice of a friend? Well Someday Studio is just that, for interiors.”

She lives in London with her husband and son, but never stops dreaming of, someday, living in Bali.